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Car or Truck: Coming from the US and Canada through Mexico: At the border tell them you are traveling as a tourist to Chetumal, Quintana Roo and that will give you access all the way to Belize without a problem (Don't mention Belize!) Buy car insurance online from Sanborn's with no hassels or delays. From East Texas travel to the gulf coast line to Tampico, Veracruz, Villa Hermosa and Chetumal it is a 3 day trip. Do not take any turn offs to Mexico (that means Mexico City). From the West make your way to Veracruz then Villa Hermosa and Chetumal. You will see the turn off for Belize before arriving in Chetumal but if you follow the road sign that says Calderitas you will find the last stop for a Mall, Burger King, McDonalds, Walmart, Movie Theater,... or follow the signs to the right to Chetumal Bay. If you have time stop east of Villa Hermosa and visit the Palenque Ruins some say they are the best in Mexico. Toll roads are safe to drive at night and are faster but tolls are a bit high, but if your willing you will have an easier and safer time of it. For more info on traveling by vehicle go to
Bus: Belize Buses travel the main highways of Belize. From Chetumal, Mexico to Corozal, Belize, south to Orange Walk, Belize City, west to Belmopan, San Ignacio and to Guatemala.
Plane: International flights to Belize City.  Travel to Ranchito, Corozal District by bus, car
or local airline.  Local airlines (Tropic Air) provides daily flights to eight destinations
throughout Belize and to Flores (Tikal) in Guatemala.
Plane and Bus: Another option is to fly to Cancun, Q.Roo, Mexico to the Cancun Bus Terminal (There is a bus direct to the bus terminal from the airport) and travel by the best, safest and coldest luxury buses in the world (I'm not kidding!) - ADO  or ADO GL bus to Chetumal. Here's a little Travel Savvy:
 "How to Get from the Cancun Airport to Corozal with your Wits & Wallet Intact!
How to avoid the overpriced taxi rides and other pitfalls between Cancun Airport, Playa del Carmen, Chetumal and Corozal.".
 On arrival at Cancun Airport, go out through the main exit door and look the the Transfer Bus to take you to the other Terminal (Terminal 2)  The sign says "Shuttle Bus Stop".
This is a free service, so don't let anyone sell you on a taxi, and don't believe them if they tell you the last bus has already left - it's just a ploy to get you into their taxi! It is not usually more than a 5-minute wait for a minibus to come along..
The Transfer bus will drop you off outside the other Terminal entrance.  Go inside the building, turn left and keep going left until you see the Ticket Desk for ADO & Riviera Buses.. Don't buy tickets anywhere else or from anyone else.
Ask for ticket to Playa del Carmen,  (In July 2004, these cost 65 pesos each) or direct to Chetumal if you do not need to overnight in Playa or Tulum..... If you are going straight thru to Chetumal the ride is about 5 hours and cost about $220.00 pesos each on the ADO bus (cost as of August 2008- ADO GL and UNO cost more because they don't stop in all major towns).  Try to be at the bus stop 10 to 15 minutes before it is due to leave. 
 To get to the bus stop, go out of the building, down the steps, turn right, and it is right at the far end of the building - you will see the bus stop sign.  The driver will check your tickets so you can't accidentally get on the wrong bus. 
Your cases will be loaded into the hold on the side of the bus, and you will be given baggage claim forms to ensure that everyone gets the right baggage.  Make sure you sit in the right seat - you will be allocated specific seats on the bus, you can't just sit anywhere.  The seat numbr is on the ticket ('asiento" means seat, and then there is a number.)
 The journey to Playa del Carmen takes about 50 minutes, and there is usually a video on board, often in English, but if you are bored look out of the window, this part of the world looks a lot like Belize...
 The Tourist Bus Station in Playa del Carmen is right in the heart of the town (as is Tulum's ADO Station).  If you are spending the night here, collect your luggage from the bus hold, and exit through the door exactly opposite where the bus has stopped...Y ou will see a pedestrian zone (Avenida Cinco, or Fifth Avenue in Playa), and along it's length are lots of small hotels.
 If you are going on to Chetumal the following day, it is a good idea to book your tickets whil you are still at the Playa bus station the night before  (In Aug of 2008 the tickets to Chetumal were $160.50 pesos each, Tulum to Chetumal is $150 pesos each.) Try to get a bus which leaves from the same Tourist Bus terminal, but if you can't, don't worry a taxi is only about 15 to 30 pesos and a 5-10 minute drive. Next morning, arrive 15 minutes before your chetumal bus is due to leave.  Take your correct seat on the bus and prepare for a 4 hour journey.
 As soon as you arrive at Chetumal bus station, collect your luggage from the side of the bus and go upstairs to the Ticket Desks.  Get tickets on the next bus to  Corozal. Cost is about 40 pesos each.  If you are staying in Chetumal you can make reservation thru Oasis to stay in a hostel in Calderitas and see the sights there.  (A taxi to Calderitas is $30. pesos Do not pay them until you reach your destination or they will attempt to overcharge you....If it is late at night it will cost more because there will be no fare available for the driver late at night.)
 The first stop, after about 10 minutes, is the Mexican border.  You don't need to take your things off the bus, just yourselves and your passports.  They will stamp your passport (again!) and remove the immigration form which you completed to enter Mexico. You then get back on the bus.
 Next stop (in about 2 minutes!) is the Belize border Immigration and Customs.  Here you have to take all your belonging and passports into the building, and wait in line.  Here they may or may not ask you to open your cases for inspection...(Depends upon their mood).  The bus waits for you on the other side of the border.  When Customs have finished with you, go get back on the bus by exiting at the end of building turn right and follow to parking lot, and in about 10 to 15 minutes you will arrive at the Corozal bus station.Welcome to Belize!
A Taxi to Oasis (formally TJ's) will cost you $5.00 BZ  (That is $2.50 U.S.) or if you want you can walk a few blocks back to the north (front of station - go straight- the market is behind the station), Fry's Grocery is about 1/2 way. We are behind Kentex Tires.
Boat: A boat leaves from Cozozal Town to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye everyday at 7am and 3pm returns at 9am and 5pm. There is also a boat from Belize City and a boat to Caye Caulker.

GPS Coordinates: Corozal at 18 22' 52.87" N and 8823' 29.72" W 



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